How to set your code
1)    Press and release the red button located inside the door, on the back.
2 beeps will confirm the operation.
2)    Enter your personal code ( 3 to 8 digits ) and confirm pressing “B” button within 15 seconds ( E button on some models )

Open the safe
1)    Enter your code and press “A” button ( E button on some models ).
1 beep will confirm the operation. Green led lights up
2)    Open the door within 15 seconds by turning the knob.
If a wrong code is entered 3 times you must wait 20 seconds to repeat
If a wrong code is entered 3 times again, you will need to wait about 5 minutes in order to repeat.

Close the safe
1)    Close the door and turn the knob anti-clockwise. Now the safe is closed.

For any problem or help please contact the reception.
Important: The use of the safe is free of charge. The hotel can not be hold responsible for money or valuables left unattended in the room.

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