Norme antincendio

Help us prevent fires

    Not smoking inside the structure. All bedrooms are non-smoking.
    Not using stoves of any kind in the rooms, irons, chafing dishes, stoves of any kind
    Not using hair dryers and electric razors in bad condition
    Do not clutter rescue equipment (fire extinguishers, etc.) or exits with luggage or anything else
    By checking the location of the fire extinguishers and hydrants
    Identifying, with direct feedback or on the plan, the escape routes in case of emergency
    Remember that smoke stratifies in the upper parts of the rooms and that therefore there is more breathable air at the bottom

Rules of conduct in case of fire

In case of fire in your room

    Don't panic: a fire can be easily extinguished by using a blanket, a wet bath towel, or the fire extinguishers available
    Notify service personnel immediately and follow their instructions
    If you get stuck, get out of the room, making sure that the other occupants do too. Close the door, but don't lock it.
    Go slowly down to the ground floor using the stairs and not the elevator.

In case of fire outside your room

At the clearing signal launched by the ringtones or at the request of the staff:

    Don't panic
    Leave your room calmly and make sure that any other occupants do the same
    Close the door of your room, but do not lock it
    Calmly reach the exit of the building, using the stairs and not the elevator
    If the corridors and stairs were completely flooded with smoke, stay in your room. Remember that a wet door with well-closed slots can protect for a long time. Go to the window and ask for help. Contact the hotel by phone.


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